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Bruizer are an award winning creative film and video production company based in the UK. We provide a full service approach to film production and video production specialising in web video marketing, animation, TV & cinema commercials and promotional videos. We love what we do and we’re proud of our work for clients, both big and small, from all around the UK and beyond.

Big ideas

We love to produce great work for our clients. Over the years, we've helped businesses to talk to their customers through engaging films, and as a full service video company, we handle every detail in-house. Our focus (if you pardon the pun) is on creating the best work possible for you, enabling you to communicate directly with your own audiences. Bruizer work as closely as possible with our clients, because we are firm believers that knowledge is power! The more you tell us, the better your film...

here to help

Here at Bruizer we've got tons of experience in film and video production, and we've worked with clients across a huge range of industries. We enjoy long term projects as much as the shorter ones and with everything you need under one roof we're extremely cost-effective. The production office is your first port of call, and from day one we assign a dedicated account manager for the duration of your job. They are here to take care of your day to day requirements and give you that warm feeling inside!

locations and gear

We’re located on a former RAF base in the heart of Suffolk and we live in the old fire station. The fireman's pole is sadly long gone but we have loads to make up for it, like a 2000sqft studio, oodles of parking, and a runway at our disposal! The site is constantly used for filming and over the last few months we have seen several feature films shot here, including some of the Fast and Furious franchise, and an abundance of other projects, from arty fashion films, through to outrageous stunts.

Just Snapped

Scarlett Mustard Recipes Bruizer 8-06-2015

Scarlett & Mustard Recipes Bruizer 8-06-2015

SITA Bruizer 3-06-2015

Waste Disposal filming Bruizer 3-06-2015

Bruizer Norwich Business School 27-05-2015

Bruizer Manchester City VIP Box 27-05-2015

Bruizer Man City Pitchside 27-05-2015

Bruizer Gressingham Duck 27-05-2015

Bruizer Holiday Home Istallation Timelapse 22-05-2015

Bruizer Beauty of Islam 22-05-2015

Bruizer Chelsea Flower Show 22-05-2015

Bruizer Chelsea Garden 22-05-2015

Bruizer Black Cabs Veterans 2 7-05-2015

Bruizer Black Cabs Veterans 7-05-2015

Bruizer Black Cabs & Veterans 8 7-05-2015

Bruizer Black Cabs & Veterans 7 7-05-2015

Bruizer Black Cabs & Veterans 6 7-05-2015

Bruizer Black Cabs & Veterans 5 7-05-2015

Bruizer Black Cabs & Veterans 4 7-05-2015

Bruizer Canada Water Tube rebrand time-lapse 29-04-2015

Just blogged

Going Full Circle

Introducing one of the latest additions to our kit room of technical wonders: our new 360 degree camera rig. Consisting of one very complex piece of plastic rig, the latest GoPro Hero 4 cameras, an extendable rigging pole, and a remote control to operate each camera simultaneously, it’s an impressive piece of kit. What with […]

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